Get your 32 Candles Book Bag!

Okay, first of all, thanks so much for your excited response to these pictures of the 32 Candles tote bag over the weekend. Want one? There are three ways you can get a 32 tote if you’re not already on the official list of Awesome People Who Have Done Awesome Things To Get The Word Out About 32 Candles (APWHDATTGTWO32C):

Send a Facebook or email message to at least 20 of your friends asking them to “Like” the 32 Candles Facebook Page. Make sure to include me on your message, and we’ll enter your name into our contest pool. We’ll be picking TWO names every week for the next six weeks, so you’ll have 12 chances to get a bag of your own.

Get your book club to read 32 CANDLES this summer (June, July, August, September). If your book club has 10 or more members and puts 32 CANDLES on your roster for any of these months, then send me an email at etc at 32candles dot com, and we’ll send you a tote bag of appreciation. One tote bag per book club, so make sure you’re the first member to nominate 32 CANDLES.

Win a comments contest. Every Wednesday, I will ask you a question about your life in my weekly writing blogumn. Leave a comment with your answer, and the best answer (as judged by me) wins a tote bag. You’ll have 6 chances to win with this one.

Notes: Only one tote bag per person, which means if you win a tote bag or are given one for being one of the APWHDATTGTWO32C, then you can’t win a second tote bag. But other than that, I invite you to try to win a tote bag in any or all of these three ways. And if you’re confused about whether you’re on the list of APWHDATTGTWO32C, drop me a line at etc at 32candles dot com, and I’ll totally let you know.

100% Love!