Worst Day of the Year (So Far)

Hey Darlings,

So I know I promised you pics of the dye job. And once again, I’m falling through. Basically, my MIL went into the hospital yesterday with a godzilla of a stomach flu. She’s going to be fine. They’re just running tons of tests and rehydrating her. But about two hours after my husband took her to the emergency room, our dog Tulip up and had a seizure, complete with foaming of the mouth and bladder release.

Now, I’ve never seen a dog have a seizure. I’ve never even seen a person have a seizure (though, at least I’ve written about that scenario). This happened during the Price is Right. I had just finished eating my cheerios and had moved on to my coffee. Betty was petting Tulip who had just finished with her monthly dog grooming appointment. And suddenly Tulip started vibrating in a really weird way.

“Tulip?” I said, moving Betty out of the way, so that I could see what was going on with her.

Then like a horror film, Tulip went into full-on seizure. I screamed. Betty cried. I picked Betty up and called my husband, who called a family friend to come help us get Tulip to her vet.

Tulip stopped seizing after 5-10 minutes, but she was so out of it that our friend had to carry her to his car, and then she had to be carried into the vet’s office on a dog stretcher.

They ran a bunch of test and basically found that her glucose was really, really low. So they gave her a bunch of … wait for it… baby food.

So by the end of the day, we found out that the hospital was keeping my MIL overnight for observation and rehydration and that the vet was keeping Tulip overnight for observation and rehydration.

And I don’t want to be all Regina King in Jerry Maguire, “This family doesn’t work without you!” But it really doesn’t. I mean really, really doesn’t. Both Betty and I stayed in a terrible edge-of-wailing mood yesterday (which she actually got to indulge, since she’s the baby). It’s funny because Betty, Tulip and my MIL all came to live with us last summer. And I still remember feeling a little whiplashed about going from 2 to 5 so quickly. But now I can’t imagine life with less than five of us. It’s just too sad to even contemplate.

Anyway, this is all to say, that things are really crazy right now. I probably won’t get around to pictures before the family vacay next. I’m just hoping everyone comes home today.