Winners and Future Winners [Wassup T-Shirts]

Okay, we took the names of all the people who had sent a message to 20 of their friends, asking them to join the 32 Candles Facebook page, assigned them numbers, put those numbers in a hat, covered our eyes … and the winners are

Monique King-Viehland, NJ

Mildred Taylor, MO

So the basic lesson is Monique and Mildred wanted bags, they took five minutes to send a message to 20 of their Facebook friends, and now they’re getting bags. Good job, guys. And it’s not too late for the rest of you to get a bag either. Just do what Monique and Mildred did, send me a message, letting me know that you’ve invited at least 20 of your friends to “Like” the 32 CANDLES Facebook Page, and your name will be put into the pool for next week’s drawing.

Not on Facebook, but still want a bag? Go here to see the other two ways to win a tote bag.

But wait, wait, wait, what’s better than winning a 32 CANDLES tote bag? How about winning a 32 CANDLES T-shirt? Our first week’s sales our crucial to the success of the book, and pre-orders are a must.

Therefore, if you pre-order the book on Amazon or anywhere else, let me know at etc at 32 candles dot com, and your name will be entered in our 32 CANDLES T-shirt raffle. We’re giving away one T-shirt EVERY WEEKDAY starting tomorrow, so pre-order one book and you’ll have 29 chances to win a T-shirt. Pre-order two books and you’ll have 58 chances to win and so on and so on. One T-shirt per reader, and if you’ve already pre-ordered a book, just let me know, and we’ll put your name in the pool. Huzzah!

Click here to buy the book

As always, let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

100% Rooting For You,