The Fiercest Nerd on the Block

Well, well, well, after a week of winners as far flung as Boston, St. Louis, New Jersey, and even China, we finally bring it home to good ole LA with today’s winner, Debra Barlow from “Two Cats and a Baby.” Friendly reminder to pre-order my book and let me know that you did, so that we can get you entered to win a T-shirt of your own.

Other than let’s get into my thoughts on this week’s edition of Fierce and Nerdy.

This pic of Kelli from "Fierce in Seattle" under the Space Needle, wearing the 32 CANDLES T-shirt MADE MY WEEK! Friendly reminder to 32 Candles tote bag and t-shirt winners to send me pics of you either in or with your gear!

1. I don’t think I’ve ever changed my mind so fast about something so major in my life. More next week, but after actually viewing an apartment, we decided that we are way beyond living in an apartment, and that it was time to find a house and settle down already, so now we’re on the hunt. But I still want to hear your moving stories, so go here to comment for the chance to win this week’s tote bag.

2. I want to point out that I TOLD Gudrun that she should go to Montreal with M rather than stay back in France. And now she’s been attacked by what sounds like a really brutal France-only weed. I don’t want to say that the whole world should listen to me more often, but I think this pretty much proves it.

3. Else’s tale of her Johnnie Walker tasting made me want to do a proper Scotch tasting myself. Maybe if the next book sells, I’ll do one as a sort of book launch party…

4. I’m going to go on a mango search this weekend, in order to make this terrific-sounding tea from this week’s Fierce Foodie. Thanks, Roya!

5. Congrats to Kelly on her 90 days! I, too, have problems asking people to hang out. It always feels so awkward, and it takes a lot of coordination with a baby. But I most often find that the effort is so worth the connection.