The Fattest I’ve Ever Been (Again)

I’ve been in a celebratory mood for a reason, which might strike some as odd. I got on the scale a few days ago and discovered that I’m now at the highest weight I’ve ever been … before getting pregnant. That’s simply to say that I’ve finally reached a weight that I’ve been at before. I’m 10 pounds from my original end-of-the- year goal and 20 pounds away from my wedding weight, which is what I hope to reach before getting pregnant a second time.

I am at once happy that I’ve made such progress and stunned that I had never been more than 20 pounds overweight before getting pregnant — why didn’t I appreciate that more back in the day? I still can’t fit into my pre-maternity wardrobe, but I will by this time next month. Dubious achievements.

Anywho, here’s  a picture of my new(ish) god daughter, Zora, and the new(ish) me.