That Time of Year Again

So if you know me IRL, then you know that I have one go-to color as far as nail polish is concerned and that is blue. This is my boring color. The one I pick when I’m not feeling adventurous. When I am feeling adventurous, then I usually pick some shade of green. I did black when I accompanied by husband to the Emmys, and silver for a hot minute this Fall — those are the most “normal” colors that I’ve gotten for years and years now. But remember two Augusts ago, when I got all itchy and kept on saying, “I need a change, I need a change” and then the next thing you all knew I had cut off all my dreadlocks and quite my job? And remember last August, when I got itchy again and not only got a braided mohawk but also changed up my entire wardrobe? Well, there must be something about August, because I’m feeling soooo itchy right now.

Not only am I fixing to change my hair yet again, but I’m also looking at my boring blue nail polish sideways. And I’m wondering what colors you all are just loving this season. Sound off in the comments.

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