My First Signing

Thank you so very, very much to the many who came out for my Barnes & Noble Event at The Grove. I really couldn’t love you guys more for your enthusiastic support, and it was just so nice to have such a great turn out.

And for those who couldn’t come, thanks for providing my first joke of the night about the “glamorous excuses” that you get in LA, when people can’t come out to your event. I felt like you were there in spirit.

Also, big thanks to my nephew/assistant who when I suggested the possibility of running (after I saw the Barnes & Noble space all set up in the most intimidating way possible with tons of books and several rows of seats) promised to tackle me and tell the Barnes & Noble people where I was if I even tried. The kid is good.

As for the reading itself …I highly recommend doing something that just scares the crap out of you every so once in a while. It keeps your heart strong and it’s good for the soul. That’s all.