MEGAMIND [It’s hard out here for a feminist]

Guys, I tried to enjoy MEGAMIND. I really did. However, I couldn’t help but be disappointed that in 2010 the one (and sadly, I mean that literally, there was really only one) woman with any speaking lines in this movie was only good for encouraging the guys in the movie to be heroes and take action in between getting kidnapped, stalked, and tricked (several times). Seriously, the one time she actually gets to handle a gun, she accidentally shoots it, setting in motion a plot twist that will serves as a catalyst for her getting kidnapped, stalked, and tricked even more. I wanted to throw my glass of wine (we were at the fancy-schmancy theater) at the screen, I was so enraged. Even Tina Fey’s wonderful and sassy voice work couldn’t save this part for me. I think they were going for a send-up of Lois Lane, but if that was the case, then the satire just really didn’t come through. From a writing stand point, it felt like all the male roles were character-driven while hers was story-driven, which made her seem less spunky (as probably intended) and more like an illogical puppet. Still shaking my head over this one….