Interviews & Early Reviews [Hey, That Rhymes!]

First up, rolla the drums, please! Our final 32 CANDLES online T-shirt winner is … [ridiculously long American Idol pause] … [now a Project Runway pause] … [Top Chef Masters you are the worse of them all further pause] … ANGELA VISCA!!!

Angela, not only are you getting a 32 CANDLES T-shirt, but we’re also sending you a tote bag, b/c you won on the day of the 32 CANDLES book release. For everyone who either didn’t pre-order or pre-ordered, but didn’t win, there are still three rather easy ways to secure your own 32 CANDLES T-shirt. Read all about them HERE!

Meanwhile, a number of sites have been kind enough to come out in early support of 32 CANDLES with Interviews and Early Reviews. So for today’s official 32 CANDLES ASK, I asking you to give them some traffic by visiting and/or commenting on their 32 CANDLES items. Here’s the list!


1. Fabulously-coiffed, fellow St. Louis native, Curly Nikki, helped us get out the word about 32 CANDLES and it’s be-afroed heroine. [CurlyNikki]

2. Cynthia Hawkins from The Nervous Breakdown did a fantastic right of the interview, in which we talked about roller derby, Star Trek, and oh yeah, this one book, 32 CANDLES. [TheNervousBreakdown]

3. Kristin Gray went deep into the text for our interview in the DC Afro American. []

4. Carleen Brice inspired me to say the words “multi-dimensional time machine” in our interview for White Readers Meet Black Authors.” [WRMBA]

5. I had a total blast talking to Danielle Kwateng from one of my latest favorite websites Madam Noire. Make sure to check out the About Us page for her headshot pic, which I would copy in its entirety if I had my druthers about me (which I never do — pouty-face). [MadamNoire]

6. LaShaunda Hoffman from SORMAG basically got me to admit that I have an extremely dull author fantasy life. [SORMAG]

7. And Halie Rosenberg got me all gushy about the gourmet classes at Writing Pad. [TheWellFedMuse]


“This is one of the funniest, smartest books I have read in a long time.” — Toni, Sew Transformed

“I’ve shown a lot of restraint waiting this long to say I loved 32 Candles. Its ridiculously good. Its my favorite fiction debut of the year.” Doret, Color Online

32 Candles is sure to resonate for those who thought themselves unworthy of true love…” -Wendy Coakley Thomas,

“This would be the perfect book to pack in your beach bag or bring along on vacation this summer.” Abby, Me and My Boys!