Fall TV is Back!!! [Pt. 2]

I’m the kind of chyck who likes to make new friends, but keep the old, so in the interest of fair and balanced TV reporting, I want to follow up yesterday’s new shows blogumn with one about all the returning shows I’m looking forward to.

1. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Though seriously, if Ted doesn’t up and actually meet this dang woman soon, Barney might not be enough to keep me. That’s all.

2. HOUSE: I’m not dying to see what happens like I was last year, though. Sadly, I think the show has come to an impasse with its main character. He either needs to get better (which would make him less House-y) or he needs to commit to being an awful human being (which would get boring). Hope the writers can plot their way out of this one.

3. LIFE UNEXPECTED: This one kind of grew on me like BROTHERS & SISTERS, and I still have a hard time explaining why I like both so much.

4. MODERN FAMILY: My favorite new show of the 2009-2010 season. Here’s hoping they can keep it up. I’ve really missed this sitcom over the summer.

5. GREY’S ANATOMY & PRIVATE PRACTICE: My two favorite dramas on TV. I tend to watch them as a block, which is why I lumped them together. Both had terrific cliffhangers, and I’m interested to see how the shows’s characters are faring now. Also, I’m hoping for more crossover episodes this season.

6. BIG BANG THEORY: Sheldon dating — this I’ve GOT to see. But why oh why did they move this show to Thursday??? That night is so crowded now. Serious sad face.

7. 30 ROCK: I can’t ever see me not loving this show. Viva Tina Fey!

8. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: This show wouldn’t have made it on to my list after last season’s shrug of a year. But Vanessa Williams is moving in. Yay!!! Can’t wait see her mix it up.

9. BROTHERS & SISTERS: This was another great cliffhanger. Though I’m still puzzling over why Rob Lowe left the series. It’s like he can’t settle down with one show. Weird.

It should be noted that FRINGE and V didn’t make the list, b/c we’re watching FRINGE on DVD and V isn’t coming back until like October. But what old shows are you most looking forward to this television season? Let us know in the comments!