Fall TV is Back!!! [Pt. 1]

Can I just say that this is like my favorite time of the year. Thank the Lord, Betty and I got CH Eye TV for his Father’s Day gift (after receiving a heavy hint via a “Buy Me This”). At the time we thought it would just benefit him, b/c quite frankly, we still weren’t all the way clear as to what Eye TV does. But then CH downloaded an Eye TV app on to my iPad, which allows me to access our television (live or recorded) while I’m on the road this week for 32 CANDLES. This means that I won’t miss a thing while I’m away. Yay, technology!

But enough about that. Let’s talk TV. Here are the new shows I’m going to give a chance or two, complete with level of interest (LoI) on a scale of 1 to 5.

1. MIKE & MOLLY: Two fat people, not as side characters (gasp!) actually falling in love (double gasp!) with each other (triple gasp-gasp-gasp)!!! I’m so there. It also helps that the actress who plays Molly was my favorite part of SAMANTHA WHO. LoI: 5

2. THE EVENT: So it’s sci-fi AND it Blair Underwood is in it as The President??? Dude, c’mon. LoI: 5

3. HAWAII 5-0: Soooo much testosterone just dripping off this one. But I like to support people of color getting acting work. And I just adore both Daniel Dae Kim (LOST) and Grace Park (BSG), so I’m going to give it a chance. A small one. LoI: 3

4. NO ORDINARY FAMILY: The only thing making me watch this is my utter love of sci-fi. But I do not have high hopes. LoI: 2

5. BETTER WITH YOU: It looks like this is a FRIENDS clone, and moreover, it looks like this show has absolutely no PoC, but I’m going to give it one (and only one) chance, just in case I’m wrong on both counts. LoI: 1

6. UNDERCOVERS: Um … Boris Kodjoe. I mean is he reading a phone book later on? B/c I’d watch him do that, too. Plus, I’ve loved just about everything J.J. Abrams has touched over the last five years. LoI: 4

7. $#*! MY DAD SAYS: I have an unhealthy interest in watching anything with William Shatner involved. LoI: 2

8. ¬†OUTSOURCED: As an American who considers her time working in a foreign country a rather surreal comedy, yes, I’m interested in this particular tale of another American doing the same in sitcom format. LoI: 4

So those are the new shows I’m going to give a chance. What are you looking forward to? Sound off in the comments! And tomorrow we’ll talk about the returning shows!