You know what phrase I love to live? Killing two birds with one stone. Not IRL of course. I don’t do my own bird-killing, and even if I did, I would use stones. That’s just impractical. But proverbially, I’m about killing two birds with one stone all day.

So imagine how happy I was to see that Attica Locke was today’s T-shirt winner from our pre-order pool. Attica is my editor mate under Dawn Davis at HarperCollins/Amistad, and her novel, BLACK WATER RISING has recently out in paperback.

Set in 1980s Houston, BWR revolves around a civil-rights-activist turned low-heeled lawyer who finds himself entangled in a case that involves unions, politicians, and of course, lots good ol’ dirty money. I can still remember reading the novel when it first came out and not being able to put it down. It felt like the kind of well-written mystery I had been waiting for all my life. I even said to my husband, “This is how I felt the first time I watched CHINATOWN.”

I wasn’t exaggerating, the novel is THAT good. So please do Attica and yourself a boon by clicking on the pic to buy her fantastic debut novel. And congrats, Attica, on being today’s T-shirt winner!

If the rest of you want to get entered to win a 32 CANDLES T-shirt, just pre-order the book, let me know that you did, and we’ll throw you in the pool. Remember we’re giving away one t-shirt every weekday until June 22, so your odds of winning one are very good!