2010 Will My Best Year Ever [Why Not]

newyear2010Okay at this time back in 2008, I told the readers at my regular blog, Fierce and Nerdy, that evey year had been better than the last since meeting, my husband, CH, and I predicted that 2009 would be even better, the best year of my life.

Man, did I call that one. A publishing deal and an awesome baby? Who could ask for anything more?

Me! That’s who. Much like a corporation, I like to look at record profits and say, “Yeah, we can top that.” Proud to be an American, yo.

Only 4 of the goals on my 10 item resolution list were achieved in 2009, but I love that they were the best four with surprises to boot. The unexpected thrill of the year was CH getting an Emmy nom after the agent, the sci-fi rough draft, the book deal, and the baby all came through.

Also, I really do think I can acheive all of the items on my resolution list this time, so in my yearly tradition of balls-to-the-wall reaching for the stars, here are my 2010 resolutions:

1. Sell enough copies of 32 CANDLES to make my advance worth it.

2. Write in full my second women’s fiction novel, “The Awesome Girl’s Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men”

3. Write that novel so well, that HarperCollins wouldn’t even think of passing on their first-look deal.

4. Finish my sci-fi novel in full, send it out and sell it under a kick-ass pseudonym.

5. Lose 40 pounds.

6. Get pregnant again. IVF gods, please be kind!

7. Go to the Maui Writing Conference

8. Promote the everliving hell out of 32 CANDLES.

9. Stop cursing.

10. Go to Scotland (more on why in a future post)

11. Floss (This res has been on my annual list for 3 years now, but 2010 will be different … I hope)

100% Resolved,

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Ernessa T. Carter is the author of the novel, 32 CANDLES, which will be released by HarperCollins/Amistad on June 22, 2010. Pre-order your copy on Amazon here.