THEN and NOW: Nikki Brown











Did you consider yourself an ugly duckling in high school?

YES, I considered myself an ugly duckling in school. I was so surprised when I was able to be a cheerleader and consider it (and when I got contact lenses) the beginning of my “swanning” experience. Looking back though, I see how beautiful I was. .


When and how did you officially “swan?”

It’s still a process for me that began in high school but continues to this day. Each year, I become more confident in who I am and what I will make happen. 33 feels like it’s going to be a GREAT year though. I always knew there would be something about the thirties. I continue to be a cheerleader–for people instead of sports–and love the role I’ve been given. Ultimately I think it’s becoming a mother that flipped a switch in me. It allowed me to be who I’m naturally gifted to be and show my boys how it’s done.


What advice would you give to the Before you?:

I would tell my old self to recognize my beauty, don’t be so down on myself and keep going to class – I swear I lost some personal discipline when I started skipping!