Have you ever had lunch with a difficult friend, and she’s going on and on about something that’s pretty much the same variation of every other problem she’s ever had, snd suddenly you think…

Wow, you’re selfish, insensitive and offensive.

You and I have nothing in common.

Why do you insist on wearing super-high heels to inappropriate places?

Why are you so out of touch with reality? The recession is more than a minor nuisance…

Do you ever read? Seriously, when was the last time you picked up a book, because I’m seriously convinced you haven’t read one in over a decade.

What’s wrong with looking your age? Is it really so bad?

How do you stay so ridiculously thin? I never see you exercising.

Do you have any money in savings or do you spend every dime you have on wardrobe?

You wear waaaayyyy too much makeup.

I’m not sure why I should want to aspire to be you. Being you doesn’t seem that great.

In fact, I’m having trouble remembering why I found you so interesting in the first place.

Well, to tell you the truth I’ve never felt that way about a friend — even the difficult ones. But I did ask all of those questions while watching the boring, 2 1/2 hour product placement ad that was SEX AND THE CITY 2. That’s all.