FaN Notes [Week 8 of 2011]

Can I ask you this? How are we already two months into 2011? Isn’t that the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard? It seriously feels like I was just making my New Year’s resolutions like a week ago. But then again, I’m already regretting not putting “keep your email inbox in order” to that resolution list, b/c it is wild. I mean insane and out of control. Over the past three weeks I’ve somehow managed to accumulate 800 messages, the majority of them unanswered, b/c I’m working on a super-big project that I can’t tell you about yet. But the project will be done in about two weeks, and things will get back to normal. So if you’re looking for a return email from me, know that you’ll totally get one … two weeks from now.

Meanwhile, lets talk about happier subjects — like this week at FaN.

Not so excited about the Oscars this weekend? Click on the pic for Joe Rusin's commiseration.

1. Like Amy Robinson, I’ve had my share of battles with the mullygrubs. She’s right, yoga does help immensely. So does writing more. I often find that increasing my page count quiets my inner naysayer — either that, or I’ve just made myself too busy to listen to it. Either way, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a better word for this particular malaise. Seriously, Webster’s Dictionary should give Amy a call. [Tall Drink of Nerd: Quieting the Mullygrubs]

2. I’m still trying to figure out how Josh Pullin gets away with not carrying a diaper bag. I mean I read his post about it, but whenever I even start to consider doing the same, my mind completely shuts down. At the end of the day, I think Josh is just way more accepting of dealing with shit as it happens than I am — both figuratively and literally. [Stay-at-Home Nerd: It’s Not in the Bag]

3. My immediate response to Dr. Miro’s latest question was to dump the boyfriend. The best advice about the difference between pecaddilloes and dealbreakers was given to me by a co-worker after I went through a bad break-up. She said that her therapist said that she should look at her then-boyfriend and ask herself, “If he doesn’t change this particular thing about himself in five years, do I still want to be with him?” She decided that she would want her eventual husband either way and that allowed her to be okay with marrying him. But a raging case of jealousy would not, in my opinion, be remotely attractive in five years. I always say, “Assume this guy won’t change and dump him now.” [Ask Dr. Miro: Travel & Jealousy]

4. I just want to relay this perfect comment from Kim in response to my comment about hating raw red onions even more than I hate mayo. “and nothing makes your breath and house funkier than raw red onion too! now that is a smell that likes to linger. i like to use white onions because they are less pungent and I also cry less when I have to cut them.” So yeah, if you’re like us, feel free to use white as opposed to red onions in the wonderful no-mayo Greek Salad Potato Salad recipe that Roya Hamadani featured in this week’s Fierce Foodie. [Fierce Foodie: Yum Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four!]

5. Gudrun’s my hero for having the absolute worst day and writing through it. Talk about facing down your demons with a pen! I told her over email that I often feel lucky to be a writer. Other people have to face their fears … how? I don’t even know how one gets through life’s tribulations without processing it through the written word. When the writing demons aren’t tormenting you endlessly with craft anxiety and mullygrubs, it sure is nice to have some place to “put things.” [Secret Life of an Expat: A Particularly Bad Tuesday]