FaN Notes: Week 7 0f 2011

Hi Guys,

Finally bringing this feature back this week, so Happy Belated Valentine.

1. I love that Eric Sims loves love. A lot of people complain about married people being smug, but I agree with Eric that love is actually a great equalizer. We all have access to it and we all have the ability to achieve it. Who cares if Hallmark invented the holiday? Isn’t love worth celebrating? [California Seething: Hurray for February]

2. Next Tuesday, I’m going to do a whole blogumn in response to Monique King-Viehland’s post about whether the children of b/w interracial couples should be seen as black or biracial. I haven’t talked about being in an IR or raising a biracial kid for a while now, so it ought to be a doozy. Meanwhile, do read the original. [Political Physics: I Agree with Halle]

If you work in an office and love dogs, then click on the pic to read Kelli's Bielema's Valentine blog. She has a fantastic idea to help out your local Humane Society, and it can be repurposed for other treat-heavy holidays like Halloween.

3. Reading this week’s Dating Ell-A, I had a little flashback to my time in Japan. Went to a music festival at the last minute, and ended up having to wrangle an ex-boyfriend, a friend who wanted to escalate things, and an exciting new guy. I ended up going with the exciting new guy, and I don’t regret the decision now, though I do remember at the time feeling a quite guilty about not agreeing to “just talk” with the ex or “hang out” with the friend. I think women often have a hard time balancing fun and guilt. If you go somewhere to have fun, have fun, I say. [Dating Ell-A: Love the One You’re With?]

4. Unlike R.B. Ripley, I can usually spot an existentialist crisis coming a mile away. In fact, the main reason that I almost never go more than 72 hours without writing is because doing so throws me into existential crisis. And even with that system in place, I enter the new year expecting to have at the very least a good 4 to 5 of them before it’s done. Sadly, a lot of being a writer is learning to navigate through the existential angst that lurks like a cloud over your life. [From the Notebook of R.B. Ripley: Wherein I Learn that Fractals Cure Existential Angst]

5. I claimed on Facebook yesterday that I don’t watch reality TV. This isn’t strictly true. I do watch PROJECT RUNWAY (though m/b never again after last year’s despicable season finale #teammondo). I also watch the occasional HOUSE HUNTERS: International and RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE. I don’t watch REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA mostly because I don’t like to watch black women acting a fool. Black men pretending to be black women acting a fool though — somehow I could watch that all day and in fact plan to do just that when I’m on bedrest after this next cycle of IVF. Anyway, I adore the below Big Gay Sketch Show parody, b/c it is SO true. [Tall Glass of Shame: The Real Housewives of Civil Rights Whip Their Hair Back and Forth]