FaN Notes: [Sept. 17, 2010]

Hey, hey, hey! Back from DC, and resting up for a bit before I hit the road again, starting with Pittsburgh on Sept. 22. Oh, Pittsburgh, it’s been six years too long. Can’t wait to see you again. But that all plugged, let’s talk about the good stuff — that’s right, our week at Fierce and Nerdy.

1. I’ve been thinking about Michael Kass’s heavily-resisted spiritual moment all week. It felt like I was there in that cave with him. What an amazing travel story.

2. Like Debra Goykhman, it always seems I’m battling some low-grade addiction: to TV, to the internet, to all sorts of things. The only two things I don’t resist at all are music and books. In my opinion you can never have too much of either.

3. I loved the awkward threesome in this week’s “Ask Dr. Miro.” It felt like a great situation for a Samantha-centered version of Sex in the City. It’s also our most popular blogumn of the week. Congrats!

4. ¬†One commenter wondered why one of our “Dating Ell-A” bloggers gave the well-off Italian a second date after he took her to get a mani/pedi on the first one. All I have to say to that: curiosity is a hell of a drug.

5. My hats off to Josh Pullin, who recently began a journey to get down from 303 lbs to a healthy weight. Best of luck, Josh. We’re all cheering for you!

As someone who doesn't stick a high value on privacy herself, I found Zack Bunker's thoughts on Josh Harris, of WE LIVE IN PUBLIC fame, fascinating. Click on the pic for the article.