FaN Notes [Oct. 1, 2010]

Guys, guys, guys, sorry I’ve been so out-of-pocket this week. I have not had dependable internet access on my laptop since last Wednesday. CH found me in the fetal position yesterday when he came home from work and pulled a fix out of nowhere. Thank the deity, b/c I’m still not sure how I survived even that long.

But thanks to our downstairs desktop and intermittent pockets of time, in which my laptop deigned to actually work, I was able to post this week’s FaN, so at least we have that to talk about today.

Wow, I actually didn't know the number to poison control before yesterday. But thanks to Josh Pullin, now I do. Now I do. Click on the pic for the full blogumn.

1. Like Zack Bunker, I didn’t learn to cook until I moved in w/ someone. I’ve never had formal lessons, but like my mom (who was a terrible cook) once said to me. “If you can read, you can cook.” However, I didn’t really take cooking as seriously as I should have until I was single and got good and broke. Pasta is a wonderful (and cheap) thing.

2. Is it wrong that I felt the worst for the intern in Alex and Emmy’s latest horrible dating tale?

3. Thanks to Dr. Miro, I will never look at silicone the same way again.

4. I can assure you right now, that I will never, ever have what it takes to attempt a cleanse. I think I might be the only Angeleno who has never even considered one.

5. I seriously do hate TOP GEAR, but I do understand Eric Sims compulsion to watch it, even though he himself doesn’t drive. My smart, 5’3 butt watched the first five seasons of ANTM, without blinking.