FaN Notes: December 10, 2010

What a heckuva week. I finally got back to writing and oh um … I cut off all my hair again. “How short?” you ask? Well, did you know me in college?  Yeah, that short. I know, I know, “Why did you cut off all your hair???” But I’m sure you already know what I’m going to say now. That’s right: full blog coming on Monday. Til then let’s check in with the rest of the FaN bloggers, none of which cut off all their hair this week … I think.

1. Zack, I have a question for you. If bears are supposed to be large gay men w/ lots of body hair, why does BearForce1 obviously invest in so much manscaping below the neck? Just wondering… Also, thanks for getting me all psyched about Christmas again.

2. I’m concerned that this week’s Dating Ell-A has destroyed our belief that you can “meet cute” in L.A. You so totally can, but yeah this particular time it didn’t turn out so hot. In fact, some might call it the worse case of giving a guy your real number ever.

3. Confession — unlike Debra Goykhman, I don’t have to worry about losing myself in holiday shopping for others … b/c well, I’ve kind of stopped giving gifts to anyone other than charity. It started with deciding to only giving gifts to a few close friends and family back in 2008. Then it was just the family that lived with me in 2009. But this year, we decided to take a family vacation as opposed to exchanging gifts. And I’m not going to lie, it’s made life a whole lot easier.

4. Um, I don’t want to spark a culture war here, but Eric, I do believe being born all gonzo-style in an inn with no mid-wife attending trumps whatever cushy birth story King David had. Just saying, Jesus knows how to make an entrance.

5. You know how straight single men and women are always saying that their dating lives would go much better if they were gay? How refreshing that Michael Kass admits that oh no, he’d be even worse at a gay relationship.

6. Dr. Miro, you gave such a respectful and empathetic answer to this week’s sex question, but c’mon you’ve got to admit … crook ding-dongs are funny! [sound of middle-school level snickering]