FaN Notes: August 6, 2010

What a fantastic week. I ate well, I exercised every day, I paid my library fine, I painted my toenails orange just because Debra B. suggested I do, and I’m thisclose to booking my latest hair-changing appointment. I really could not be happier with this week. But enough about that. Here are this week’s FaN notes.

Oh, Jeff Rogers was obviously trying to start my week off right with this picture of FaN and coffee. Click on the pic for his ode.

1. I never would have suspected Michael Kass of being a sweetsaholic, but I’m glad he came out here. On a personal note, I have a serious problem with gummy candy. I worship at the altar of Haribo, and seriously, don’t leave your gummy candy out round me, or else your gummy candy go’on to get ate up.

2. How much do I love that MMKV kept it real while the rest of us claimed that we, like Debra Goykhman, would give up cable if not for our cable-loving families?

Okay, given all of the other comments, I hate to admit this. But I think I would die without my TV and/or cable! I cannot imagine. Perhaps it is because I was a latch key kid and I am used to doing all things with the TV blaring in the background. I do not watch very much on network channels and even basic cable would be a problem. Plus, I cannot imagine managing my two year old under tough circumstances without Nick Jr. No, the TV and cable will NEVER leave the Viehland household unless we are facing financial circumstances well beyond our control.

3. CH’s feature on this digital smoker really had me craving meat. Mmm, meat. Luckily we’re leaving for Hawaii in a couple of weeks here.

4. Our stay-at-home nerd, Josh Pullin, made me laugh so hard with this week’s blogumn. And I especially loved what he had to say about men changing diapers. Seriously, if you’re not willing to change diapers, don’t procreate.

5. Oh, and Zack Bunker, you were WRONG for posting this.