FaN Notes [August 13, 2010]

Hey-oh, unless things go terribly (which let’s face it, they totally could) I plan to debut a rad new dye job the next time I see you in this space. Ah, who am I kidding? Even if things go terribly, I’m still going to show you the results, so either way, definitely come back on Monday. Meanwhile, here are my thoughts about this week’s fan.

I meant to do the Victory sign, but instead gave the All Stars bunny ears.

Have I mentioned how jealous I am that Amy Robinson got to meet Yuuji Urushihara, Makoto Nagano, Yoshiyuki Okuyama from Ninja Warrior. Anyway, click on the pic for the full story.

1. Like Gudrun, I’ve also been feeling grumpy, isolated and super restless. So I’m changing my hair. Usually I change my entire “look,” but since I’m trying to pare my wardrobe down to 14 things, I’m just going to go w/ my hair this time.

2. I actually might be feeling grumpy b/c I’m on my third week of Weight Watchers. And lemme tell you, Roya’s recipe for poutine, which looks really freakin’ yummy is not helping.

3. I wish I had read Joe Rusin’s post about alternatives to this summer’s dismal movie fare at the beginning of summer. Would have save myself a lot of complaining…

4. Monique’s article about how good CEOs don’t necessarily make good politicians, had me wondering… Exactly what are the characteristics of a good politician?

5. Last but not least. Wow, our new sex ed. column by Dr. Miro got a ton of hits. Thanks for the big welcome, guys! Got a sex-related question for Dr. Miro, but wanna keep it anonymous? Please look to the sidebar and click on the Dr. Miro box, which delivers your questions straight to her, without any middle-manning from me. Or you can just click HERE.