The Best Part

32CandlesCoverSo I got a copy of my galleys today and … well, let’s just say it really feels real now.

And it’s funny, b/c I’m at the same point in the rough draft of my second women’s fiction novel, the point where all the really delicious plot points kick in, when people connect and fall apart, and start transforming into who they’re going to be at the end of the novel. When the really starts to feel real.

Technically this is the best part, because this is the part when stuff really starts HAPPENING. However, it’s also the part of the novel that I’m most scared of. So much of writing is hard work, that it’s a little weird when you get to sweet spot of it, the part where you just get to sit back and watch your characters fight and love and do all the stuff you’ve been setting them up to do from the beginning.

On another hand, this is the worst part, b/c I become obsessed with the book. Why is this post in so late? Because yesterday I spent the time that I set aside for my Wednesday blogumn in book thrall. Why am I resenting having to get my hair together before an important meeting tomorrow? Because I’d much rather be writing. This is the good part, but life doesn’t pause for the good part.

Ah well, what can you do?


Photo Credit: zen