I know you’ve missed me promoting 32 CANDLES 24/7, so I thought I’d give you another big batch of it.

1. Friendly Reminder that we’re trying to hit 50 Amazon reviews by the end of July, so if you’ve read it, please give us the boon of saying something about the book over at good ole Amazon.

2. I’m at the NAACP Convention Author Pavilion in Kansas City, signing books from 12pm-2pm. So if you’re also here, please stop by the table.

3. On Thursday, I’ll be doing a book event in Dallas. Live our know someone who lives in the area? Please spread the word.

4. Did you download 32 CANDLES as an ebook (Kindle, iBooks, nook, or Sony)? If so, please shoot me an email at etc @ 32candles.com. We have an urgent message for you.

5. Do, do, do come back on Wednesday, when I’ll be posting the rough draft first chapter of THE AWESOME GIRL’S GUIDE TO DATING EXTRAORDINARY MEN. Yes, I said rough. This oughta be interesting!