The Last (Big) 32 CANDLES ASK!

So this is the last (big) 32 CANDLES ASK. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be asking for a bunch of little favors for the rest of the summer. I’ll definitely pop a 32C request or two into an occasional blogumn or One More Thing or PoT! Friday. Also, I’ll be blogging about 32 CANDLES every Monday and about writing in general every Wednesday. But I’m hitting the road next week, so it’s time to focus on the IRL promotion. Also, though I’ve loved promoting 32 CANDLES, quite frankly it feels a little weird to talk about one thing for so long and for so much. So starting next Tuesday, Fierce and Nerdy and 32 CANDLES is going back to their old format, with the exception of THEN and NOW staying on as a weekly feature.

That all explained, let’s get into my last 32 CANDLES ASK:

1. READ THE BOOK. This weekend if you can. By the end of July if this weekend isn’t possible. We need a ton of first readers to help other readers find 32 CANDLES.

2. WORD OF MOUTH. I’m a debut author, submitting a book into a very crowded field. So I’m depending on you guys to help me spread the word. If you get into a conversation with a woman between the ages of 21 and 50, please find a way to tell her about this book. If you have a blog, please review this book on it. If you have a twitter account, please tweet about it. Your word of mouth is what will give 32 CANDLES legs. If you could spare one tweet or Facebook status update to 32 CANDLES every week for the rest of the summer, you would be a big part of this book getting sold.

3. COME OUT TO MY EVENTS. Or else bookstores, conferences, and book fairs won’t invite me back and even sadder, I’ll be lonely.

4. IF YOU GO INTO A BOOKSTORE … do shelf elf. It’s tons of fun and makes you feel like a mission operative. How many activities make you feel like that? On the other hand, if a bookstore doesn’t have 32 CANDLES on their shelves, ask for it. And if they really aren’t carrying it, tell me, so that I can get in contact with them. I recently found out that a prominent LA independent bookstore wasn’t carrying 32 CANDLES, and I was able to fix that, no problem. So if you can help me identify the bookstores that might need a friendly nudge, that would be really awesome.

5. REVIEWS, REVIEWS, REVIEWS: I know, I know, most of my Dear Thursday reviews have been for books that came out over a year ago. But please don’t be like me when it comes to 32 CANDLES. The more reviews this book gets now, the more people will buy it later. Our big goal is to have 50 reviews on Amazon by the end of July, so if you haven’t left a review on my Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, or GoodReads pages yet, please consider doing so.

Thanks so much. These last two weeks of promotion have been a great life lesson and a pleasure.

100% Love,