The 32 CANDLES Trailer!!!

First things first: Congrats to Sara Towber, who not only became a new mother this weekend, but also won Friday’s 32 Candles T-shirt. I’m sure she’s way more excited about the latter. But the main point is that she pre-ordered the book, let me know about it, and got entered to win one of the 32 Candles T-shirts that we’re giving away every day until June 22nd. And you can, too! Just pre-order the book and let me know, so that I can add you to the list.

Second things second, after weeks of hard work the 32 Candles trailer is ready for public consumption. Thanks so much to CH for directing, Art Freed from Hot Pixel for editing, Ashley-Nicole Sherman and Demetrius Grosse for starring, Teri Vore for choreographing, and Kalimba Bennett for narrating. Let us know what you think in the comments!