Moving House [Tote Bag Comment Challenge]

I’ve talked a lot about what Davie and I have in common over the last few weeks, but today I want to talk about something we absolutely don’t have in common — and that is moving. As far as I know, Davie has only moved twice in her entire life. I’ve moved seventeen times — and that’s not counting moving rooms in college or any moves that lasted under three months. And now I’m thinking about moving again.

We moved to Altadena from Silver Lake a year ago, in a panic about living in the right area of town to raise a family. Altadena seemed like a good fit. There’s a large black population here, Pasadena is less than ten minutes away. You get good house for the money. When our future landlord told us that he was planning to put our house on the market in a year or two, we were pretty sure we were going to buy. Only…

… Altadena might look perfect for us on paper, but IRL, not so much. We dislike not being able to walk to anything more than our local Ralph’s (which is desperately in need of a remodel). I do like having a post office nearby, but am annoyed that I have to wait in line every time to send packages as opposed to just using a machine to weigh my packages and get the proper amount of postage like at my old post office. Also, getting to the highway takes over ten minutes, which wouldn’t be so bad, if most of my friends didn’t live about 30 highway minutes away.

We made a list of the things we wanted in our next home, which included, good school districts, four bedrooms, within walking distance of shopping (which should include a decent grocery store), a pool, good cell phone coverage (the last time I talked to my editor on my cell, the call dropped three times), and most important, modern amenities. After living in a place with creaky central air that either runs too hot or too cold, pipe problems, and other old house issues, we are more than ready to embrace thoroughly modern living.

However, we’ve quite liked renting as opposed to owning. It allowed us a sneak peek of the neighborhood without actually committing to a mortgage, and it’s also allowed us to save toward our dream house. So we decided to rent for another year or two.

But then a funny thing happened during our research. We were able to find a few places that had all the stuff on our list and fit into our budget, but … they were all apartments, townhomes, or condos. So yesterday we had a family meeting, and as it turned out, no one, not even my MIL was opposed to living in a non-house. In fact, the only real argument I could come up with was that others would judge us for not living in a house, you know, like families are supposed to. But that actually sealed our decision to start looking into non-house options. You don’t ever want to go down certain paths only because others expect you to take it.

Anywho, this all has me wondering. How often have you moved? Are you happy with where you live today and what led you to move there? What would you change about your current residence if you could? The winning comment will be featured in next week’s Wednesday Comment Challenge AND the writer will receive a 32 CANDLES tote bag. Yay!

Speaking of which, congrats to last week’s Comment Challenge winner, jill from Pittsburgh, who wrote this in response to the question, “How Do You Watch TV?”

I am a reader in a houseful of tv fanatics! I have a few shows that I love to watch faithfully, but mostly, I prefer to have my nose buried in a book. However, I have lately discovered that there are some series that I missed, and I want to go back and collect old episodes. I had been borrowing the series by season from my local library, in preference to sitting at my desktop computer watching on Hulu. Due to a recent Netflix gift subscription, I am now watching older TV on my dvd player.

I think, however, that I get most of my television through osmosis; my stepson is watching in the basement, so I can hear his TV when I am doing laundry; my sweetheart watches tv on the big screen in the living room for my listening (dis)pleasure while cooking or couch lounging and my stepdaughter watches television (at top volume) on the second floor, in her bedroom. Does this mean I am a victim of second-hand viewing?

Photo Credit: Jerry Luk